Terms and Other Information

Terms of Bred Cow Sales

Let us know as early as possible before you sell so we can advertise for you.

Bred animals must be in the yards by noon the day before the sale for preg testing. We supply the facilities and man power to preg check cows for a fee of $5.00 per head, which includes the vet charge.

Cows are fed and watered at our expense so bring them in early.

Mileage Policy

Write your mileage on your manifest. If you do not, and we are unable to determine the correct mileage - 3% or 5% shrink will be taken. There will be NO REFUNDS if the mileage is not written correctly on your manifest.

$ LOST MONEY $ of Ranchers due to Improper Castration and Horns

Conclusion: Horns and Testicles cost YOU money

100% Guarantee that you will not get discounted for a staggy animal, is to count to two as you throw the testicles over your shoulder. You know the job is done, when you cut 'em young. Bands and burdizzos do not have a 100% track record, ONLY cutting them young guarantees you a steer.

100% Guarantee that you will not get discounted for horns, cut the horns off ... pretty simple.

The day of pushing one nut up in a bull calf is gone. He may put on a few extra pounds, but the producer also gets a few less cents, usually 8-12 cents. There is NO benefit to try and get one past us or the buyers. For one thing they will be picked up every time. If one does get through it only hurts the whole industry. The buyers / feedlot expense goes up from problems related to the recovery period which increases their vet costs. The number of chronic poor doers and deaths due to complications increases.

This loss of production - loss of $$$ - is eventually passed right back to the producers. Only the producers can control these two factors. Do not get mad at us when you get dinged for horns or stags.

You have NUTS and HORNS -- You Lose

Preventable Costs to the Whole Canadian Cattle Industry

Horns cost the industry an estimated $4.3 million in terms of bruises and devaluation. Horns are found in 1/3 of all the cattle sold in a year. Injection site lesions were in 14% of top sirloin steaks - a cost to the industry of an estimated $42.7 million.

Feeder Association Members

We welcome all Feeder and Breeder Association members to take part in our sales. To avoid any confusion, go to the office staff prior to the sale and get your bidding number. This is good business practice on your part and for us as well.

It is our policy to brand association cattle before they leave the yards for security reasons, so be sure to bring your branding iron. It also speeds up the payment. It doesn't take long with our help and facilities. Thanks for your cooperation.

National Identification Program

Consumers require reassurances that the food they purchase and consume are safe. With this program we can show to them that we are proud of, and stand behind the health and safety of our product - BEEF.

CCIARecommendation came to the Canadian Cattlemen's Association from Provincial Cattle Associations, asking to reestablish a national identification program. The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA), was given the mandate to devise a program with input from all the sections of the cattle industry.

National ID allows for rapid traceability and quick containment of any health related problem or defect. It does so by tracing an animal from two points -- the point at which the problem is detected, and the herd of origin. This allows Animal health authorities to conduct a more focused search. The program is about traceability, not liability.

Currently over 50% of Canadian beef and cattle production is exported, over $2 billion worth. Twenty-five countries around the world are either developing or already have identification trace back systems in place.

Just recently Denmark lost its ability to export cattle and beef, because of the discovery of a domestically raised cow with Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE - "mad cow disease"). Japan and Korea borders were closed to exports due to suspected outbreaks of foot and mouth disease.

We must remember that as CATTLE producers we are FOOD producers and we can no longer afford the luxury of anonymity.

As cattlemen we must be competitive and pursue everyone's goal to be #1 for beef quality and safety worldwide. Support this program so that our industry may protect itself, its markets, its consumers and the producers $ bottom line.


CCIA TAGS ARE COMPULSORY , so have them in. If you don’t, we have to put them in, or we will be fined $500.00 per animal. Our rate for tagging is $15.00 for one tag, thereafter, $20.00 each. To tag bulls and cows is $25.00 - Pretty Steep eh! Save your money and have the tags put in, before your cattle hit the markets.

For more information call:

CCIA Office - Calgary 1-877-909-BEEF (2333)
Kathy Martin - Sask. Ag. & Food, Regina 1-306-787-4692

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